RetroMagazine World #16 – Eng – November 2022

The other night I had a dream. I was in my bedroom and I was loading a game from the Hit Parade newsstand compilation, when, all of a sudden, I felt a presence next to me. There and then I didn’t pay much attention to it, the raster bars continued to change color abruptly and the desire to see the game had the upper hand over me…

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Press Play Again n° 5 – Lug/Jul 2022 – ITA/ENG

Unisoft series for C64

6485/4 – TANKS
6485/6 – FAR WEST

An exclusive partnership with DumpClub64

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RetroMagazine World #15 – Eng – July 2022

We at RetroMagazine World have always made this quote from Charles Darwin our mantra. In our nearly 6 years of existence, changes have been occurring systematically to make sure that the magazine and everything around it, could always evolve into something better. Yet another step to continue this evolutionary path was the creation of the RetroMagazine World – NPO.

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RetroMagazine World #14 – Eng – April 2022

But what would happen if we decided to leave the comfort zone? What would happen if we decided to try to use and learn those unfamiliar systems? Certainly, at the beginning, we would pay the price of lack of knowledge.
Well, if we are able to do this, unexplored worlds will open up before us, where the joy of discovery could make us return to those children we were 30/40 years ago.

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Press Play Again n° 4 – Mar 2022 – ITA/ENG

Games created by the participants to the RPI Crazy Climber Challenge!

Monkey UP! (MSX)
Hasty Climber (C64)
Speedy Spider (Plus4)
Spider Climber (C64)
KrazzyKlaimber (C64)
La Scommessa – The Bet (MSX)
Castle Climber (C64)

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RetroMagazine World #13 – Eng – February 2022

RetroMagazine World, with every issue in two versions, Italian and English, registers an ever-growing number of readers and arouses constant interest in the topics we cover. Our choice to avoid the distribution of printed copies, brings some advantages, …, not least of which is that we can continue to guarantee the complete gratuity of the magazine, and allows us to reach anywhere in the world with a simple URL.

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RetroMagazine World #12 – Eng – January 2022

I won’t make budgets….
So what? What will you tell us?
Well, I want to tell you about our satisfaction in having realized and in continuing to realize our dream of when we were kids. All the guys on the editorial staff of RetroMagazine World, dreamed of being part of a magazine like the ones they used to buy in the 80s and 90s.

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RetroMagazine World #11 – Eng – December 2021

The unknown variable called time
If there is one thing today that we have got in great quantities in retrocomputing, it is resources to draw on. The Internet offers us countless opportunities to retrieve documentation, books, magazines, guides and manuals for our beloved computers. It’s so easy to find both digital and traditional material.

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