RetroMagazine World #21 – Eng – December 2023

People involved in the preparation of this issue of RetroMagazine World (in no particular order):

  • Dr. Andrea Q.
  • Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Daniele Brahimi
  • Francesco Fiorentini
  • Leonardo Miliani
  • Roberto Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Ingrid Poggiali
  • Giampaolo Moraschi
  • Giuseppe Rinella
  • Eugenio Rapella
  • Germán Gómez Herrera
  • Takahiro Yoshioka
  • Barbara “Morgana” Murgida
  • Giorgio Balestrieri
  • GianPaolo Mara
  • Michele Ugolini
  • Mic the Biker Novarina
  • Gianluca Girelli
  • Marco Pistorio
  • Cover image: Giuseppe Mangini
  • Cover layout: Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini

Editorial by Francesco Fiorentini – There is still so much to do in Italy!

Unfortunately the title of this editorial is not about retrocomputing. In fact, at the time I am writing, television and major Italian newspapers are reporting the news of the flooding in Emilia Romagna and Marche. My thoughts and those of the RMW staff can only be with the people who have lost everything, even their lives, because of this tragedy… Natural disasters cannot be predicted by definition, but surely careful prevention work and land preparation would help to limit their consequences. In Italy there is a lot of talk, especially when things have already happened, but most of the times actions never follow words… Let us hope that what happened in these regions will serve as a lesson and a warning for the future and that, at least this time, proclamations will be followed by concrete solutions!

To return to topics more in line with our magazine, you may have noticed that this issue has come a bit later than usual. In fact, as anticipated in the editorial of the previous issue, we wanted to devote some time and energy to enriching our website:

You will find a fair number of articles, especially video game reviews, directly accessible from the site. This was something we had been planning to do for quite some time, and we finally found a way to do it in a relatively simple way.

To stay on topic, we also decided to increase our collaboration with DumpClub 64. The listings posted on RetroLiPS regarding the recovery of the Best of Personal Computer World – Software for the Commodore 64 are a prime example.
Given the great work that the DumpClub guys are doing, it was the least we could do! I personally found a couple of programs extremely interesting: Solar and Balloon Fun. I had great fun deriving code from them and, as far as Solar is concerned, updating its data to 2023 (see Solar 2023).

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do and contextually no shortage of fun. It may seem strange, but there are those who, like us, enjoy retrieving news, games, programs, listings and making them available to all. After all, what could be more satisfying than putting one’s abilities at the service of others?

Now it’s time for me to wish you a good read. And to our flooded friends a big hug and a wish that everything will be resolved as soon as possible and in the best way. We all are with you!


  • Nintendo WII – the (un)protections – part 1
  • Vectrex
  • Interview with Tomohiro Nishikado
  • Interview with Giovanni Galli
  • Another Susi’s riddle? Well, yeah!
  • MSX, optimizing a game in BASIC – pt. 3
  • I’m a super-boomer and a retrogamer!
  • Japan ep. 22 – Nintendo: the force of experience
  • Ball and Chain (C64)
  • Boxx 4 (Amiga)
  • Galaxian (Plus4)
  • Onescape (Atari XE/XL)
  • Revenge of Trasmoz (Amstrad CPC)
  • Space Station 23 (C64)
  • Lunark (Switch)
  • Zeta Wing II (C64)
  • The Cursed Night (MD)
  • Text Quest (C64)
  • Bruxolico (ZX)
  • Newsstand (C64)
  • Nox Archaist (Apple II)
  • Cyberpunks 2 (Amiga)
  • Mad House (MSX2)
  • Skyblazer (Snes)
  • Painter Momopie (GB)
  • Scooby-Doo (C64)

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