RetroMagazine World #22 – Eng – February 2024

People involved in the preparation of this issue of RetroMagazine World (in no particular order):

  • Dr. Andrea Q.
  • Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Daniele Brahimi
  • Francesco Fiorentini
  • Leonardo Miliani
  • Roberto Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Ingrid Poggiali
  • Giampaolo Moraschi
  • Carlos J. Vazquez II
  • Eugenio Rapella
  • Takahiro Yoshioka
  • Epsilon
  • Mic the Biker Novarina
  • Gianluca Girelli
  • Marco Pistorio
  • Cover image: Giuseppe Mangini
  • Cover layout: Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini

Editorial by Carlo Nithaiah Del Mar Pirazzini – They called it Retrogaming

The world of video games is a strange one indeed. Despite periodically releasing works that take perfect advantage of the latest technological advances, it seems that gamers can never break away from their “Linus cover” that is, our old and beloved retro systems.
We see it clearly, the world of retrogaming in recent years has experienced exponential growth with specific fairs, dedicated pages, sites, e-commerce and magazines (we are in this of course).
Although the games of years past appear as faded compared to the many new features of today, as soon as we hear the name of an old title our eyes sparkle.
Monkey Island 2, Super Mario Bros, Uridium, Elite, Stunt Car Race, Doom… our emotions travel fast to the past and it makes us feel… good!
But what is it about retrogaming that gamers find so appealing that makes this phenomenon so growing? It’s definitely not the graphical aspect or a deep story. What is?
These are emotions and nostalgia. Positive and negative emotions that emerge when we think of a certain event related to our past. As soon as we start an old title… Baaaam!!! There they appear. And we don’t care if the look of some old games for Vectrex or Atari 2600 is not 4k and with cinematic narrative scenes. It is the recovery of our emotional feelings that matters.
But that’s not all there is to it. We can no longer call it retrogaming, or at least not only.
I was looking at the list of titles coming out for 8- and 16-bit consoles from July 2023 to the first quarter of 2024, and it is astounding.
There are 148 titles in development. Some are advanced (via demo or alpha release) some are kickstarter or patreon versions, and some are a simple group of images.
Not to mention the hundreds of titles coming for 8- and 16-bit computers.
There is life in nostalgia and memories. A new life that continues in the same spirit.
Does it still make sense to call it retro? I like to think that it was just stop and grow and that the old consoles and computers were just resting and waiting for better times–and they have come!
In short, whether it is nostalgia for the past or the desire to play something new on old systems, retrogaming is a phenomenon whose popularity is not likely to diminish, in fact I am sure it will increase.
Even among younger people, who did not get to experience those wonderful years firsthand, they are getting more and more curious about the old titles, and you know what? They feel the same feelings as those who are now adults.


  • Nintendo WII – the (un)protections – part 2
  • Emulate. What, how, and why??
  • PlayCable – Mattel Intellivision
  • Sega SG-1000
  • The N Queens problem
  • Interview with Charlie Hitselberger
  • Interview with Erik Hogan
  • Commodore 64 OS – The new operating system
  • Are video games at risk of being lost?
  • Reviving the dream
  • Happy birthday, DumpClub 64
  • Lemmings (Plus4)
  • E.X.O. (Atari 7800)
  • Video Poker: MC-10 Edition (Trs-80)
  • Absolute 0 (Amiga)
  • Vyrzon (Vectrex)
  • Mega Man: the Sequel Wars (MD)
  • Astebros (MD)
  • Cosmos Chronicles (Atari ST)
  • Pelusa Saga: Kaiji’s Trials (Nes)
  • Meooow 2 (Atari 2600)
  • Night/Shift (Amiga)
  • Battle Zeque Den (SNES)
  • Nobelia (Philips CDi)
  • Zelda’s Adventure (GB)
  • Batman (MSX2)
  • Intellivania (Intellivision)
  • GG Aleste 3 (GG)
  • Repugnant Bounty (GBC)
  • Dig Dug Revival (C64)
  • Duck Tales (SNES)

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