RetroMagazine World #12 – Eng – January 2022

People involved in the preparation of this issue of RetroMagazine World (in no particular order):

  • Alberto Apostolo
  • Dr. Andrea Q.
  • Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Daniele Brahimi
  • Mic the Biker Novarina
  • Francesco Fiorentini
  • David La Monaca
  • Leonardo Miliani
  • Giuseppe Rinella
  • Barbara “Morgana” Murgida
  • Ermanno Betori
  • Takahiro Yoshioka
  • Roberto Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Ingrid Poggiali
  • Gianluca Girelli
  • Michele Ugolini
  • Maurizio Diamanti
  • Robin Jubber
  • Carlo Luciano Bianco
  • Alessandro Gatti
  • Cover & full-page image: Giuseppe Mangini
  • Cover layout: Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini

Editorial by Francesco Fiorentini

What are they celebrating?
Their planet made a full circle around their star…
I told you they are not intelligent!

Common alien’s joke about new year’s eve.

And this 2021 has also come to an end. Another year spent in the grip of COVID. In my last editorial in December 2020 issue, I had hoped for an end to the pandemic emergency…. Maybe I blew it, so I won’t make the same mistake this year.
As I was saying, we are at the end of the year, in that time when we take stock of what has been done during the 12 months that will soon come to an end. In the past, I’ve listed the statistics, lavishing praise on those who collaborate with this editorial adventure on a permanent basis. This time, however, I won’t dwell on the digits and I won’t make budgets….
So what? What will you tell us?
Well, I want to tell you about our satisfaction in having realized and in continuing to realize our dream of when we were kids. All the guys on the editorial staff of RetroMagazine World, dreamed of being part of a magazine like the ones they used to buy in the 80s and 90s. At this point I think we can say, without fear of contradiction, that we have carved out our own space in the world of retrocomputing and digital publishing.
Oh-oh, here comes the ‘jingle’ of how good and beautiful they are…
No, not at all, instead I want to emphasize how important it is to work hard together to make something we care about. I want to praise not so much the result – you dear readers will take care of that – but the commitment that each member of the editorial staff puts into creating something unique in the national and international panorama. The time that each of us spends to study, try new things, test hardware and software, write an article, make sure it is as error-free as possible … It’s really amazing how, after 5 years, we are still here, with the same will and the same impulse of the first issues. Of course, some have slowed down their production and in the meantime new forces have taken their place, but the core of RMW is still strong, active, pulsating and able to surprise me and, I hope, you too with every issue.
All this effort, certainly deserves to be acknowledged and I hope you will join me in thanking all the staff of RetroMagazine World, which I am honored to represent in this editorial.
Before I leave you to read this issue 12-EN, let me wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!


  • Famicom Disk System – the (un)protections
  • RetroN Sq
  • Magnavox Odyssey
  • Optimizing the calculus of PI with MonteCarlo
  • Programming in GEOS with BeckerBASIC
  • Redefined characters for 80-columns C128
  • A Christmas Fairytale
  • BASIC Fractals in 8-bit sauce – Part 2
  • Commodore 64’s guidebooks re-edition
  • Welcome to the Palace of Magic
  • Japan 18th issue: Nintendo VS all
  • Retro Interview: Erika Wittmann
  • Armalyte for Commodore 64
  • Galaxian, from 1979 to 2021
  • ListAmiga – the most overrated 5 Amiga titles
  • Blade of Agony (PC)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (C64+REU)
  • Slow Mole (NES)
  • Snow Bros (GameBoy)
  • Gaiares (MegaDrive)
  • Metal Slug 6 (Dreamcast)
  • Tecmo SuperBowl (NES)
  • Jazz Jack Rabbit (GameBoy Advance)
  • Hallowed Knight (ZX Spectrum 48k)
  • Over Horizon (NES)
  • Little Medusa (Super Nintendo)
  • Xenocrisis (MegaDrive)
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (GameBoy)
  • Vastar (Z80)
  • Strider (C64)

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