RetroMagazine World #09 – Eng – July/August 2021

People involved in the preparation of this issue of RetroMagazine World (in no particular order):

  • Alberto Apostolo
  • Marco Pistorio
  • Antonio Savona
  • Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Daniele Brahimi
  • Mic the Biker Novarina
  • Francesco Fiorentini
  • Takahiro Yoshioka
  • David La Monaca
  • Attilio Capuozzo
  • Leonardo Miliani
  • Giuseppe Rinella
  • Christian Miglio
  • Ermanno Betori
  • Roberto Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Michele Ugolini
  • Michele Iurillo
  • Flavio Soldani
  • Querino Ialongo
  • Francesco Bizzini
  • Gianluca Girelli
  • Giorgio Balestrieri
  • Cover by: Flavio Soldani

Editorial by David La Monaca

The problem of the fourth player at poker
What is a chess player’s worst nightmare? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Not having anyone to play against. And that of three friends around the green poker table? Also simple. The fourth player is missing to start a nice evening with chips, cards and the inevitable glass of whiskey. And finally, what is the worst time for a programmer? Easy. Not having a project or a problem to solve.
Who hasn’t ever had that feeling of not having an idea to weigh up, a fault to solve or a goal to achieve? In short, nothing to sink your hands into or to devote your coding skills to. Because, after all, when it is not a matter of your job, then it is about a new challenge with yourself, undertaken to deepen the use of a programming language or experiment with code to force a machine to do what you want, perhaps even despite its hardware limitations…


  • Laben 70: a forgotten Italian excellence
  • Hardware review: the TRS-80
  • Next Launcher & ZX Retro Wireless
  • Miyamoto, Nintendo’s creative mind
  • Plotting graphic functions in Visual Basic for DOS
  • PI, Monte Carlo and random numbers
  • Sorry for the interrupt, dear 6510… – part 1
  • An introduction to Acorn Electron
  • Norma Lijtmaer, the lioness of Computing
  • Japan – 17th episode
  • EnigmA Story: the bar clerk
  • Videogames? They sound good!
  • Demon Crystal & Knither Special
  • ListAmiga: The best of the best (or worst) to play on our beloved Amiga
  • Shinobi, the art of being a Ninja
  • Impossible Mission
  • Lady Pac (C64)
  • Dune II (ZX 128K)
  • The Astyanax (Arcade)
  • Pocket Wonder Sport 10 in 1 (PC/PSVita)
  • Xenocider (Dreamcast)
  • Flob (Atari XL/XE)
  • Travel through Time vol. 1 Northern lights (ZX 128K)
  • Metal Gear (MSX2/NES/C64)
  • Spacegulls (NES)
  • Chickin Chase (C64)
  • Modena Nerd 2021
  • Interview with Pierluigi Fresia AKA Piersoft

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