RetroMagazine World #07 – Eng – May 2021

RetroMagazine World #7 English version May 2021

People involved in the preparation of this issue of RetroMagazine World (in no particular order):

  • Alberto Apostolo
  • Gianluca Girelli
  • Antonino Porcino
  • Carlo N. Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Daniele Brahimi
  • Mic the Biker Novarina
  • Francesco Fiorentini
  • Takahiro Yoshioka
  • Attilio Capuozzo
  • Francesco Bizzini
  • Leonardo Miliani
  • Querino Ialongo
  • Roberto Del Mar Pirazzini
  • Cover & graphics by Flavio Soldani
  • Revisioning & proofreading by DLM

Editorial by Alessandro Albano

“Seeing” retrogames through their sounds – Everyone tells me that I always try to “see” the beauty of things and I turn the difficulties I encounter into my strengths. And now I’m here, 40 years old, playing, having become blind, with my head full of 8-bit memories. For once, a strength of mine that doesn’t come out of a difficulty but out of a lot of good memories.I have always been tied to the sounds of those times, those sounds that today are the only thing that reminds me the emotions of my teenage years, when the only thought was to come home from school to sit down in front of my MSX and later my Amiga 500 Plus and try out new games and software.How nice to remember the sound of the MSX cassette recorder or Amiga’s floppy drive head.


  • The I.C.L. One-Per-Desk computer
  • Evercade – Blaze Entertainment
  • PC Engine – The small giant from the Land of Rising Sun
  • The MOS 6502 CPU
  • Structuring old BASIC dialects with For-Next loops
  • BASIC in a nutshell: waves on LM80C and MSX-1
  • Grapheur 1.0 – Doing graphs with the Amstrad CPC
  • SpeedCalc 2019 – Like having Excel on a C64? Well, almost…
  • Simulating PLOT X,Y in C64 bitmap mode
  • May the FORTH be with us – part 3
  • Basic 10-Liner Contest 2021
  • Introduction to Hollywood – part 4
  • Emulators: DOSBox ver. 0.74
  • Kick Off 2, when the football is the protagonist
  • The Last Ninja: legends never die
  • Paprium (MD)
  • Runn ‘n’ Gunn (C64)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land (MD)
  • Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons (Amiga)
  • Chrono Trigger (SNES)
  • Metamorphosis (ZX Spectrum)
  • Gravibots (MegaDrive)
  • Monstro Giganto (C64)
  • Neptune Lander Elite (C64)
  • Inviyya (Amiga)
  • Xain’d Sleena (Arcade)
  • Pub Trivia Simulator (C64)

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