RetroMagazine World #06 – Eng – March 2021

Retromagazine World 6 Eng March

Editorial by Mic “The Biker” Novarina

Memories of a past present
The dim light of the lamp illuminates the room as shivering shadows of the evening pass swiftly over the walls. Life can be strange sometimes: one joke leads to another and here I am writing my first editorial for this fantastic magazine. I followed it for a long time because in my opinion it represents, in the video game scene, the painting on canvas of the current artistic current known as “Retrogaming”; therefore I let you
imagine that sense of amazement mixed with joy that pervaded me at the time when I was asked if I had enjoyed joining the team. I see myself sitting on the old desk at home in those magical eighties while, lost on some eight-bit screen, I imagined what the future of gaming machines would be and more. Precisely in this issue we find an exhaustive paper about the beautiful SHARP X68000 system, which for me stood at home computers as the PC Engine stood at gaming consoles: it was a dream. In those glittering eighties the portable games appeared with the beautiful but unmanageable Atari Lynx and the less colourful but much more effective Nintendo Game Boy.


  • Connecting the Sinclair ZX80 to an LCD TV
  • SHARP X68000 – The arcade home computer from the Land of the Rising Sun
  • ANBERNIC RG351P – A portable mini console to emulate consoles, arcades and 8-16 bit computers
  • Structuring old BASIC dialects with FORNEXT loops
  • C128: redefining characters for 40 columns display
  • Installing VICE 3.5 on Raspberry OS compiling the source code
  • How to simulate “PRINT AT” on the C64 in BASIC V2
  • A formula to quickly calculate Screen Memory and Character Memory (and not only…)
  • May the FORTH be with us – part two
  • RetroMath: Finding solutions by discretizing and iterating
  • Introduction to AREXX – part 5
  • Emulators: SpudACE versione 1.02
  • Commodore Engineering: Welcome back to the scene!
  • 20 Febbraio 1984: Sinclair QL presentation in Italy
  • Japan 16^ part: Nintendo G&W Collection
  • Out Run, that sense of freedom…
  • Kick Off VS Sensible Soccer – A duel by goals and fun
  • Realms of Antiquity (TI99/4A)
  • Soul Force (C64)
  • Starcraft – edition (PC)
  • Ghost Chaser (C64)
  • Tiny Quest (C64)
  • Pier Solar and the Great Architects (MD)
  • Adventure Bit (PC)
  • Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven
  • Stars (SNES)
  • Hermes – Run a la Carte (Amiga)

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