RetroMagazine World #05 – Eng – January 2021

RetroMagazine World #05 - Eng - January 2021

Editorial by David La Monaca

8-bit Christmas Holidays. After a year like this one, spent mostly indoors or with a mask over your face, you may not feel much like celebrating the Christmas holidays, if for no other reason than the staggering number of victims of this damn virus. It is now mid-December, but it is not the same atmosphere as in previous years. This pandemic has psychologically drained us, mentally exhausted us. If last year, as always, the horizon of the future seemed clear and without any particular threatening clouds, now, despite the imminent arrival of vaccines which should mark the ‘point of return’ to a renewed normality, everything seems to us to be shrouded in a cold transparent cloth from which we have yet to escape. And it is not the typical cold of the winter season that is looming, it is not the snow that has already covered some places in many parts of Europe. The whole planet is hurting, our cities seem dull, all the lights and decorations in our cities seem less festive, the snow that has fallen a few days ago no longer brings the cheerfulness and light-heartedness typical of the end-of-year holidays, the cold temperatures of the incipient winter do not have the flavour that makes us say that Christmas is in the air.


  • LM80C – homebrew computer – part 4
  • NINTENDO 64 – Mario’s 3D revolution
  • UNO2IEC HOST interface cable
  • Introduction to the MEGA65
  • The MOS VIC video chip
  • Flash News!
  • A Snake’s clone for the C64 on cartridge
  • Coding without GOTO on the ZX Spectrum
  • A bit of rarity: using Sinclair fonts to create custom stickers
  • SymbOS – Windows on the Amstrad CPC!
  • When the sprite collisions don’t collide!
  • May the FORTH be with us – part one
  • Life: the game of life
  • Accessing a PETSCII BBS from the web
  • Making music for a retrogame
  • Introduction to ARexx – part 4
  • Japan episode 15: Oh no! More G&W!
  • Exclusive interview with Randall Flagg
  • The Real Ghostbusters Arcade Fangame
  • Metamorphosis (ZX Spectrum) Preview
  • Loom (Amiga)
  • Holiday Lemmings (Amiga)
  • Weird Dreams (C64)
  • Mighty Final Fight (NES)
  • Mario Kart 64 (N64)
  • Wiz Quest for the Magic Lantern (Amiga)
  • Zeta Wing (C64)
  • Super Mario 64 (N64)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PS1/PC)
  • Sydney Hunter/Caverns of Death (SNES)
  • Ristar (MegaDrive)

With issue #27-IT and #05-EN:
Metamorphosis – The Making of – Metamorphosis PDF


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