RetroMagazine World #00 Eng – May 2020

RetroMagazine World #00 Eng - May 2020

Editorial by Francesco Fiorentini

Welcome to our first international issue! RetroMagazine is a well underway project started in October 2017 by a small group of Italian retrocomputing enthusiasts .Yes, we know, there are many magazines dedicated to retrogames and they are gorgeous; so why the need for an additional homebrew fanzine? How many times reading those publications have you feltthat something was missing? There are lot of nice pictures and a good variety of games, but… where is the code? Where are the explanations of programming techniques?


  • The best version of BASIC
  • Don’t ever buy a Vectrex!
  • The .d64 format – part 1
  • Interview with Gideon Zweijtzer
  • Sinclair QL: mistakes, misfortune and so many regrets
  • Cyrus (ZX SPECTRUM) VS. Colossus (ATARI 800XL)
  • HIBERNATED 1 (Amiga/C64)
  • THE PAWN (All platforms)

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