RetroMagazine World #02 – Eng – August 2020

Retromagazine World 2 ENG August 2020

Editorial by Francesco Fiorentini

Holiday time, memory time…Summer, with its torrid heat and hot nights came to visit all of us again. Probably now more than ever warmth and temperatures above average have been expected with such trepidation. After a horrible winter and spring, this summer is not only synonymous with holidays, but also a slow return to the normal life for some of us. Who’s writing have been living abroad for few years nowand summer is one of the most awaited moments to be able to return to Italy and embrace friends and family. This year you can easily imagine how ardently I was waiting for the possibility to travel again and return to the places of my youth. For those who live far from their home country the chance to return once or twice a year is like browsing through a memory album. Finding places and people youhaven’t seen in a long time makes you want to know what happened in the meantime and likewise the possibility of making a comparison with what it was and what it is… The funniest thing, at least for me, is noticing how the little changes are much more impressive than the big ones. They’re not so obvious, and when you see them, you make an immediate comparison.


  • The Olivetti M20 and the history of a website
  • The LM80C Colour Computer – Part 1
  • Japan 12th episode: Game & Watch Vs MADrigal
  • Can we multiply the number of games for THEC64? Yes, we can!
  • Back to the past… – Episode nr. 2: Windows 2000
  • Amstrad CPC – Redefining characters
  • A splash screen in SCR format for the Amstrad CPC
  • Abbreviations & shortcuts on using a graphical interface
  • The 1st RMW 8-bit Home Computer Chess Tournament
  • Introduction to ARexx – Part 1
  • HEART CHASER 2 – a Locomotive BASIC game
  • ELLENICA (Megadrive)
  • MOON CRESTA (Arcade)
  • LIGHTS OF FINANCE (Multi-platform)
  • WARDNER (Arcade)

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